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The knowledge and expertise of the personnel at HPConsulting Services can be shared with its customers, through a range of unique training courses.

These courses are provided to companies with a need to improve the knowledge and skills of their staff in specific areas of component balancing.

Aims of Courses

Individual Instruction

Courses combine both classroom instruction and "hands-on" experience,
which provide attendees with a good overall understanding of all aspects of
the course content.

Classes are limited to a maximum of ten students per instructor. This ensures
all attendees are provided with sufficient individual instruction.

Courses are always carried out at the customer's premises where it is possible
to instruct students with the balancing equipment and on the applications with
which they are familiar.

Dedicated Instructors

The instructors at HPConsulting Services have vast experience in the
balancing technology involved in all courses on offer to customers. They
are fully qualified and are dedicated to providing a detailed knowledge
of the subject to all students.

Training Materials


Courses are a substantial way of improving the skill level and knowledge of